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Thirsty Irish Runners (TIR) has been in existence since 2000. Since then, membership has steadily grown. The bulk of the members live across Eastern Massachusetts. Sure, we work out together sometimes, swap stories and information about running, drive to the races together, pace one another and do all those things “runners” do. Although the TIR is more than that, it’s belonging to a family. As the miles and all the years go by, we come to know what we share is rich and complex. But it is this one simple, unconditional thing, running, that starts us on the road together. Friends for the long winding road.

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2015 Thirsty Irish Runners Photos

2015 Boston Marathon Mile 4 Water Stop

Congrats Chris Cronin (3:33:43), Nico Tsanotellis (3:39:57), Jimmy English (3:57:31), Regina Tsanotellis (4:00:50), Bill Murphy (4:24:20), Nick Renzulli (4:07:30) Brian Yocis (3:51:14), Emilio Locilento (4:00:08) and Rachel Metcalf (5:49:38) for rocking The Boston Marathon!