Mission Statement
The Thirsty Irish Runners (TIRs) was created in 2000 and is based in eastern Massachusetts with members across New England and beyond. TIRs are committed to promoting physical health and mental well-being through movement and socialization for people of all abilities and ages. TIRs are spirited & supportive people who participate in a variety of road races, training sessions, fun runs, social gatherings, and other events throughout the year.

Commitment to Inclusivity
We welcome people of all ages, gender identities, sexual orientations, racial-ethnic identities, religions, socioeconomic statuses, abilities, body types, paces, and running/walking experience levels. We believe in a culture that honors the diversity of life circumstances, identities, perspectives, and interests of its community members. We commit to maintaining a safe and welcoming community and continuously improving our organization to align with these values.

Standards of Behavior
These standards were created for the safety and benefit of Thirsty Irish Runners, its members, and guests. Its purpose is to set forth the basic principles of behavior we expect members to follow so that everyone can achieve their running goals in a safe and fun environment.

All TIRs will:
 Be a friendly, kind, and respectful club member.
 Positively represent the club.
 Support, cheer on, encourage, and look out for all club members. Leave no TIR behind
 Foster a safe, comfortable, and fun environment for everyone and abide by the club’s commitment to inclusivity.
 Accept responsibility for their behavior. Be mindful of your words and actions in all places, events and activities – including online, as they may reflect on and have negative consequences for the TIRs as a club.

To report a violation of the Standards of Behavior, please inform the Board of Directors in writing by emailing thirstyirishrunners@gmail.com.

New Membership- $35.00

TIR Code of Conduct

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Thirsty Irish Runners

The Thirsty Irish Runners is hands down the best running club and we are constantly adding new members! Are you interested in joining Thirsty Irish Runners for our Grand Prix series? Are you interested in joining us for weekly fun runs? Are you training for a marathon and want to have some running partners? Do you just want to have some fun and stay in shape with a healthy mixture of running and laughing? Then join Thirsty Irish Runners today!

To join Thirsty Irish Runners, please pay your first year dues of $35.00 online by clicking the link below. If you would like to pay via check or have questions, please contact us by clicking here.