2024 Grand Prix Races

Grand Prix Rules

Awards are given for Team Points and Individual Points.

Individual and team scoring is based on all races.

Everyone is given a pace time, based on an average pace from last year’s races.
If you run the race, you get 10 points.
If you run faster than your pace time, you get 15 points. (Pace time is your average from 2023, less your slowest race. This eliminates tanking to give yourself a nice easy pace for the following year.)

You are allowed one Mulligan for missing a race, which can be for 15 points if you beat your pace with the Mulligan.

There are 11 races in the Grand Prix Series. The race results will be used to calculate the team score. 

No whining to the race directors because your favorite race wasn't selected (or for any other reason like icy paths). 

Bonus Points: Will count towards team points and individual scores

If you run ONE 10 mile race you get 10 points
If you run ONE half marathon in you get 13.1 points
If you run ONE full marathon in you get 26.2 points

2024 Grand Prix Results

Thirsty Irish Runners

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